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  • How do I play?
    Simply Download it from one of our many locations, extract it to an empty folder and run the Launcher. Follow this guide for more info:
  • What are the PC requirements?
    These are recommendations, if your system is less than this you might still be able to play, but your experience will be impacted. ---------------------- Minimum. OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit versions) Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 (4C) or similar Memory: 4 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 (2GB) or similar DirectX: Version 11. Storage: 5 GB available space. Requires broadband internet connection ---------------------- Recommended: OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit versions) Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 (4C) or better Memory: 8 GB RAM or more Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) series or better DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 10 GB available space. Requires broadband internet connection
  • Can I Stream/Record content on twitch/youtube for this game?
    Absolutely, we encourage it.
  • What's a Fragment Event?
    Fragment events happen when a collective of 5,000 Pokémon have been KO'd in a given channel/map. These events only affect the channel/map where the goal was reached. Click to Read more
  • Will other regions be added not just Kanto?
    Yes, eventually we plan to make all the regions. Kanto will come first with some extras along the way to allow for more pokemon spawns.
  • Where is Pewter City?
    Currently not available.
  • Where do my screenshots save to?
    Copy and paste this URL into your file explorer (you need to have taken a screenshot first for the folder to be created). (%userprofile%\AppData\local\PokemonMMO3D\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor) Press F9 to take a screenshot.
  • Will we need to start over when the update comes out?
    Nope, we have kept all our player data since the beginning in 2015 and plan to continue this trend.
  • If new moves are added to the game will my Pokémon get them?
    Pokémon moves are added to all existing Pokémon, the moves learnt by a Pokemon are dictated by the level and the evolution level. it doesn't matter when you caught it, if it's supposed to learn a move it will learn it, however, if you evolve before it's supposed to learn a move, you will not get the move.
  • My Pokémon is missing a move because it was evolved at the wrong level, can i get the move again?
    Normally no, if a Pokemon was evolved in a way where it misses learning a move this action cannot be undone, However, the movepools of some Pokemon can change with game updates and these changes will retroactively apply to all existing Pokemon. Admins will not edit your Pokemon to get moves missed.
  • Is the game dead/abandoned?
    No, We continue to develop the game in our free time, all of us have full-time jobs and lives to live outside of the game so while development progress may be slow it's still alive to us and the committed players.
  • Can I re-catch a legendary pokemon?
    No, not on the same character. This system is based on the Pokedex, once the legend has been registered you cannot catch another, even if you release the Pokemon.
  • Can I trade/sell my starter?
    No, all "free" gift Pokemon are untradeable, this is indicated by the 2 red arrows below the Pokemon image in the Poke-stat window.
  • Can we Breed Pokemon?
    Not yet, this system has not been implemented.
  • How do spawn Rates work?
    A rate is an indicator of probability so the rate of 1/100 does not mean you're guaranteed the spawn after 100 Pokémon. Imagine a 100-sided die 🎲 is rolled every time that Pokémon spawns, if it lands on 100, the desired Pokémon spawns. Read our page linked below to learn more.
  • How do I get happiness?
    Completing quests is by far the fastest way to increase happiness for your team. You will also gain additional happiness by battling wild Pokémon.
  • Why does the Noobook keep showing?
    The Noobook will keep showing on login and map changes until you complete the first mission "pick a starter".
  • Whats the max Level?
    Level 125 is the limit as of 07/08/2023
  • Whats the max EV value?
    You can have up to 2000 per stat. if you're over level 100 you can train an additional 100 EVs per level over 100 (eg. lvl 105 = 2500EVs) So the absolute maximum value would be 4500 per stat at level 125.
  • What Pokemon are in the game?
    We have a list linked below, but currently, we have most of gen 1 and 2 available with a select few missing.
  • How do Trainer Levels work?
    You can learn about how trainer levels and XP work by following the link below.
  • How does XP work?
    You can learn about how Pokemon levels and XP work by following the link below.
  • How does money work?
    There are multiple ways to make money, (1). Pokemon have a chance to drop candy, which can be sold to the collector for money, (2). Releasing Pokemon can also reward you with money based on the stats of the Pokemon. (3). Completing quests will also give you a cash reward. (4). if your pokemon is "tradeable" it can be sold to other players via the Brokerage. Check our information page to learn more.
  • How can I travel faster ?
    Currently, you have to walk everywhere, Your trainer will follow your Pokemon as long as your Pokemon is on the ground (not flying). You can fast travel to different locations with the M key and some locations can be accessed via a teleporter in the map, Inside caves this appears as a beacon next to an NPC and outside caves there are Rock formations with a hole space named "monoliths" you need to throw an empty Pokeball through the hole to use this form of fast travel.
  • Why is it always day/night when I play ?
    The day/night cycle is 180 minutes for a full "24h" cycle.
  • How do I evolve my Pokémon ?
    If you meet the evolution requirement (Level, Happiness or stone) your Pokemon needs to be called out (controlled), then press your team key (T) select the Pokemon, Press the "Evolution" button then finally press the stage you wish to evolve to. (there's usually only one choice, but not always)
  • How do I battle gyms ?
    Currently, you can't, Gyms as a mechanic have not been developed, in future updates we will add them.
  • I forgot my Password, how can I restore my account ?
    You will need to have access to the email you signed up with. Press the Forgot Password button, enter your email and submit the form. an email will be sent to you (check spam folder) the email will contain a "Magic Key", open the game back up and enter the magic key in the corresponding window, your email and the password you want.
  • When is the next Event ?
    We don't usually plan too far ahead so its uncertain but we do try to schedule a discord event a few days before it starts! Seasonal Events you can expect: Halloween (October), Christmas (December), Game Anniversary - (April).... (This is the Ho-Oh Lugia one).
  • When is the next Update ?
    Unknown - We try to keep everyone updated on what we are working on via our discord and trello.
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